Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Commission Droid by Peng Li.

1. What is about Peng Li ?
Peng Li is a brother of Peng Joon.Together they've been tearing up the internet with their offers.
Their team has been behind some of the most successful launches on Clickbank over a number of years.
They've had multiple #1 Clickbank Smash Hits and are part of Clickbank's “Premier Elite” program. Which basically means they've sold an awful lot of product on Clickbank – millions of dollars worth.
Maybe you've seen “Work From No Home” that we launched recently with John Chow. That has been doing very well – converts like crazy and has low refunds. But that's just one of hundreds of our successful Clickbank products. Their gaming products also do very well.
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2. Commission Droid Software Review by Peng Li !

The Commission Droid is a software suite that pumps out Mobile Apps that are monetized in various ways. This is a premier product. It has been developed over the last year and has been thoroughly tested and constantly upgraded. No buggy coding here. This is an automated software product that will provoke a feeding-frenzy with your list.
As marketers it is our duty to help our customers succeed and through extensive research I have discovered (as you may already know) that 96% (our target market) of customers want a solution that:
1. Requires little to no technical skill or experience.
2. Requires no follow up.
3. Earns money with as little work as possible.
The problem is...
The more dumbed-down we make the solution, the less useful it becomes.
That's the "nut" I was able to finally crack. Commission Droid truly helps your customers earn money with little or no skill required. Little or no marketing experience...little or no follow up.
It's literally a Push-Button solution to creating and monetizing Mobile Apps – the HOTTEST opportunity around right now.
The Commission Droid Mobile Apps software has been developed from the ground up. It has been thoroughly tested and constantly upgraded.
It allows the user to create apps for the Android app store – Google Play - with a few clicks of the mouse.
Users can create UNLIMITED apps with their license.
They can sell their apps to small businesses or monetize them with 10 different mobile ad networks including AdMob.
The Commission Droid software pumps out an App in 12 Minutes
After building apps in less than 15 minutes each...your customers will finally be making real money online. In fact, they can be making money within 24 hours!
And here's the best part...apps are a fun product. A product that's taking the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down or letting up.
Over 50% of Americans have a Smartphone running an average of 41 apps
Full details and link here


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